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But if you're in doubt, just my personal opinion, I'd go with a san-serif font as they generally seem to be easier for people to read. John Wood — April 15, at am. Great to see this subject addressed. I am aging and have discovered that I cannot read some san serif fonts. I have ordered books and had to refuse them for this reason. I was interested to note, though, that you reported only preferences. It would be helpful to check speed of reading also--I believe one study out of Wichita found preference and speed did not always coincide.

Guest Judy — July 7, at pm. I know this is an old article. It is still relevant. So anyway, I offer a simple JavaScript button on my site to enable visitors to select 3 different fonts. They may also increase its size. Guest D-uh a guest — November 20, at am. I can agree with the consensus for Web that Times New Roman was the least preferred. But for mobile devices, I'm finding it improves readability.

Guest Jana — May 14, at pm. The decision of using serif vs non-serif on my website has been bugging me for a while now. Your article really cleared it up, thanks. Guest NiceTutes — June 13, at am. The question of which type of font would be best for your project can ultimately only be determined by you.

Test out several by printing a sample on your home printer before selecting the perfect one for your needs. Guest geomineralru — June 14, at pm.

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Guest John — August 24, at pm. As mentioned by others, its time this article was updated or replaced. I feel sure that there is more up to date research on this topic. Guest Ivor J — December 29, at am. I used to teach reading. In my training, we were told that good readers only use the top half of a line of text to decode the words. This is easier with a serif font. Put a ruler across the bottom half of a line of print and try it.

There are more clues as to the identity of the whole letter with a serif font. It doesn't work if you block off the top half of the line and try to read the bottom half, regardless of font type. Not enough clues. Guest Jacky — January 9, at pm. Thank you for sharing, it helps me much with editing, both in paperback printing and some PDFs on my tablet. Guest Paramita — February 11, at am. Didn't click the Back button because of your font, but almost did when you said "one less person" instead of "one fewer.

Guest Brian — April 6, at am. According to prescriptive grammar, "fewer" should be used instead of "less" with nouns for countable objects and concepts discretely quantifiable nouns, or count nouns.

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According to this rule, "less" should be used only with a grammatically singular noun including mass nouns. John Wood — April 6, at am. I have been a fan of typography since I was a student in high school. But I always had a hard time deciding which font should I use for my assignment.

Now I am working as an editor who will process a ton of words a day. Your informative article helps me a lot. I strongly agree that a right font can even save a plainly-written copywrite. And Times New Roman is, without any doubt, one of the most annoying fonts ever. Guest Jerry — May 9, at pm. I am convinced that with this simple "site" you are helping a lot of people to learn more and thereby improve the world. I wrote in Portuguese and translated into English, sorry for some failure.

You are commenting as a guest. Your comment may be trimmed if it exceeds characters. Too hard to read? See a new image Listen to the letters. If you have trouble reading it, you can use the links to view a new image or listen to the letters being spoken. I have. If you rely on words to sell, that should concern you deeply. Best fonts for print In his book Cashvertising , Drew Eric Whitman cites a study of fonts printed on paper that found only 12 percent of participants effectively comprehended a paragraph set in sans-serif type versus 67 percent who were given a version set in serif typeface.

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Best fonts for online Now, one might assume that what works on the printed page will be similar to what works on the computer screen. So online, the best font to go with is sans serif. At point size, participants preferred Verdana. Times New Roman was the least preferred. At point size, Arial was preferred and Times New Roman was the least preferred. The preferred font overall was Verdana, and Times New Roman was the least preferred.

So here are your marching orders: For easiest online reading, use Arial point size and larger. Best fonts for email Dr. Deciding on a font So the next time you submit a sales letter or email to your client , it might be a good idea to ask them what font they intend to use. Desktop Marketing for Success, Independence, and Income Ninety percent of small business owners are lost when it comes to marketing.

Guest MasterP — December 5, at am I'm so glad to have come across your article. Thanks so much for sharing. Guest Ace Ventura — February 28, at pm I'm currently designing a direct mail piece, and this is precisely the information I was looking for and more. Guest Glenn — May 11, at am Most useful advice. I wish you had discussed line spacing too though.

Guest Geoff — July 24, at pm Hi John, Very much enjoyed the article, and the use of referenced data instead of conjecture. Guest Vicky — August 30, at pm Great information! Guest Emily — October 5, at am The "study" that determined that serifs are more legible than sans serifs is simply not taking all the facts into account. Guest Ella — October 30, at pm Thank you for the information.

Guest Sheena — November 17, at am Great info, thanks. Guest njoy — February 14, at pm Given that much is sent electronically these days, what font would be best if the intentions of the recipient are unknown - read it online or print the document and then read it?

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Guest Emanuel — April 19, at am Emanuel that would fit within the online category. Sheena the site font is Verdana. Thank you all for your comments. John Wood — April 21, at am "The findings indicated that typefaces or formatting made no significant difference in the reading rate or reading comprehension scores of the subjects tested. Guest Hiran — August 5, at pm Great article. You acknowledge that licensing fees for the Macintosh and PC formats are separate and individual fees.

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