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Third-party plug-ins included with After Effects

Shape Layers You'll be able to add impressive vector graphics to animations using the shape layers tool. After Effects includes tools to build, modify and animate vector shapes that include polygons and stars. You'll even be able to create your own shape layers using the pen tool. Puppet Tool The puppet tool can turn almost any 2D image or text field into a dynamic animated layer.

It allows you to place "joints" within the image. This lets you reshape, extend, squish and rotate objects.

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You can even make parts of the image "sticky," preventing it from moving and becoming deformed. The puppet tool can create incredibly life-like character animations in almost no time.

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The tool creates nine previews using different animation styles, based on the objects you've placed in the workspace and variables you set. You'll be able to select the animations from the gallery that you like; Brainstorm then creates more animations that are more similar to those that you have chosen. This lets you drill down and choose the animation that best suits your needs. Animation and Keyframing After Effects features powerful animation and keyframing tools that help you bring your video to life. A graph editor and professionally designed animation and behavior presets will quickly let you add animation effects to your video.

Visual Effects After Effects features special visual effects plug-ins that will help you to enhance, stylize and make other changes to any layer of your video.

Adobe After Effects CS 3 Pro (+ 40 Plugins + Adobe Bridge)

You have a wide variety of effects to choose from, including blur effects. Advanced Keying and Matte Tools After Effects Professional offers advanced keying and matte tools to help improve your compositing workflow. Also included is the Smart Mask Interpolation keyframe assistant that helps you animate complex masks. Important: This serial number is valid only with the special version of the app provided. You cannot reinstall using original media. The presets themselves are customizable so that you can tweak them to get exactly the effect you want. Starglow can be used to enhance video clips.

You can choose to have one or two stars to call attention to particular light sources, such as the sun, moon or a streetlight. You can also have multiple sparkling shapes accentuating a bright area or outline, such as the reflection of a light source on rippling water. Animated text can also be enhanced with Starglow, giving your slogan or project title glittering highlights.

Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional

Clare Edwards has been providing Internet content since She has written and translated for a variety of markets: everything from technical articles to short fiction and essays on alternative spirituality. She holds a certificate of higher education in electronics and audio arts from Middlesex University. Skip to main content. The Effect A fast-rendering light effect, Starglow works on the highlights, light sources and bright areas of a source layer, adding straight streaks of light that radiate outward in opposite directions to each other.

Shapes Each glow consists of an eight-rayed star with your chosen light source or highlight at its center. Colors You can create glows using pure colors; alternatively, color gradients with up to five different hues are possible, allowing for multicolored prismatic light effects. Presets Although the various aspects of each glowing highlight can be set separately, you don't have to build up every different effect from scratch.

Applications Starglow can be used to enhance video clips. About the Author Clare Edwards has been providing Internet content since Accessed 11 July