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You need to weigh your needs agains the options and see which one is appropriate for you. My preference is for scrivener for it's a ability with nested text but my narrow focus does not make it the best what a vague term Pages is the best all rounder I believe with Word looming large in the background. I moved from AppleWorks to Pages 4 and this worked quite well for me, but when Apple crippled the program with v5 though of course v4 still works I decided to bale out and finished up with Nisus Writer Pro.

I'm happy with this and the text at least can always be retrieved as it saves in. Word of course is favourite if you need to exchange with other people a lot, but its a cluttered mess and very expensive.

I totally agree re Word, so many features, they get in the way of actually doing anything. I used to write a lot of stage directions, Scrivener is unbeatable at that. TextEdit works fine for my purposes. I have even made do with Stickies on occasion. Your mileage may vary. Since you don't tell us much about what you want to do, it's hard to give a really definitive answer to your question. I do most basic writing in TextEdit.

It gets no more basic than this

After than I use Bean. Unless you're doing what almost approaches desktop publishing most of the high end packages are not necessary. RTF file formats available even in TextEdit permit a surprising amount of formatting which will cover Really like Bean.

12 Best Mac (Word Processor) Writing Apps for (Free + Paid)

It's easy to navigate and has a good feature set for a word processor that is better than something bare bones like OS X built-in Text Edit. I require full compatibility in a corporate environment that has standardized on Word, and my wife is taking post-grad classes and the university requires papers and documents to be submitted in word format. We've found that alternative applications that are 'compatible' with the.

May 2, PM in response to johnnrogers In response to johnnrogers. A mature staple in the academic world, Mellel , a superbly versatile program that is also multi-language capable including Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew. I have used it for academic papers, and several academic and nonacademic book length projects.

Other features include palette or keyboard based styles controls addressing character, paragraph, list, section, page and table management. While it is possible to simply start a new blank document and begin typing or dictating I routinely use it with Dragon or OSX's built in speech-to-text, a slightly watered down version of Dragon , Mellel comes with more than 35 document templates, ranging from envelopes to scripts, including a variety of journal article formats.

Users can also create their own templates with as little or as much detail as desired. The program also allows multiuser editing with change tracking and annotations.

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Mellel is reasonably priced and is available from www. Academic pricing is available from the company website store. A fully featured 30 day trial download is available. The app also offers a full screen mode, which gives you a distraction-free space for when you need to hit deadlines. The app also supports Markdown formatting, which you can preview at any time in a separate window. Need an alternative?

Should I use Microsoft Word on a Mac or a cheaper alternative?

While plenty of services solve this problem, Google Docs is the one that I often fall back on. References, notes and ideas are often contained in separate documents, which result in a long-winded back-and-forth scenario while you write. Scrivener cleans up this mess with a well-designed, straightforward interface tailored to anyone working on a long-form piece of text.

Draft allows you to split your document into separate sections or chapters, before compiling them into one long document at the end.

Media, meanwhile, supports a wide variety of file types for you to reference as you write, similar to Evernote , and Trash is pretty self-explanatory. The right-hand side of the app is the main text editor, which you can use to change the current file. Scrivener has a fairly difficult learning curve and some advanced features that many writers shy away from. In the left-hand panel you can create and edit your stage play, manuscript and film script pages, as well as unformatted text files.

WriteRoom was one of the first apps to offer a sparse, distraction-free writing experience for Mac owners. While there are plenty of alternatives to choose from nowadays — Byword and iA Writer are both excellent — WriteRoom still holds its own as a simple, minimalist word processor. The app offers a few different themes, of which some are more useful than others. The app supports a dizzying array of shortcuts for selecting and editing specific words, sentences and paragraphs, as well as shifting lines up, down, left and right. Create and edit documents with original Microsoft basic word-processing program.

Create and work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentation on Google Drive. Pages is the most beautiful word processor you've ever seen on a mobile device.

Mac Office: How to Use Microsoft Word - The Basics, Tricks and Tips 2018

Werdsmith turns your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch into a portable writing studio, so you can write any time, any place.