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No features are restricted to some sort of professional edition you have to pay for. Multi Commander is similar and also free. It includes tabs, a customizable user interface, file-filtering features, and can even run as a portable app without any installation. If all you want is a tabbed interface and a few other things, this is a great option.

Feature List

All of these programs offer paid editions they want you to purchase. On the bright side, this means that they see more development than many alternative Windows file managers, and their business model is selling software instead of trying to load your computer with crapware in their installers. It also includes a dual-pane interface and other powerful features. Developers in particular can get a lot of use out of its intergrated Git and Subeersion support, as well as easy access to a terminal.

Every file manager tends to match its desktop environment in philosophy.

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Thunar, like Xfce itself, is a more minimal, barebones file manager that still has everything you need and gets the job done. So, do we think everyone needs to hunt down an alternative file manager? Not at all. uses cookies.

FTP client. Commander One offers two panels for more efficient and fast work with the files and all your operations big and small are conveniently queued. Commander One safely stores all your server settings and passwords are kept safe in Keychain. Amazon S3 client. If you prefer working with Amazon's secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage, Commander One will add a lot to your professional file management with its dual-pane interface and lots of useful features.

Commander One (Mac Finder alternative): Review

You'll be able to connect to and conveniently manage data stored in your Amazon S3 or S3-compatible storage, as well as link your entire Amazon S3 account or selected buckets. WebDAV client. Commander One allows you to connect to a remote server and mount it on your computer as a drive. This way you get complete control over the files on server — view, create, upload, edit, etc. Commander One utilizes multiple connections not just for file transfer but for viewing and deleting of remote directories. Integrate as many Dropbox accounts as needed and share files from Dropbox folder on your Mac directly from Commander One.

As an alternative to integration you can mount your online Dropbox without installing it on your Mac and copying your data there. You can use your Dropbox Business in synergy with Commander One for extensive security and administration features. Manage all your sheets and docs in a professional dual-pane style.

Commander One lets you mount multiple Google Drive accounts to work with your online files. Also, get seamless access to the "Shared with me" section on your Google Drive directly from Commander One.

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  6. Your OneDrive accounts can be set up as local drives allowing you to work with remote files as if they were on your machine. A handy dual-pane interface makes operating and navigating easy: upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, create new folder, etc.

    An invaluable app for Mac web developers

    Managing your OneDrive account content doesn't require copying any information on your Mac. Connect to as many OpenStack cloud accounts as needed or mount OpenStack Object Storage as a local drive without copying the content on Mac computer. Commander One lets you connect to OpenStack Object Storage for easy access from Mac and convenient OpenStack cloud management without the need to synchronize with computer.

    Any number of Box. Move files among multiple Box file storages without having to save data on computer. Connect to B2 cloud storage on Mac with Commander One. Integrate as many accounts as needed or mount Backblaze network drive as a local one. Manage your documents directly on B2 cloud account with this Backblaze Mac client. Commander One allows transferring files among cloud storages, like B2 cloud storage, and web servers directly without copying any data to local Mac. You are getting an easy access to all photos on your iPhone or iPad.

    ‎Commander One - file manager on the Mac App Store

    Edit them on your Mac and save to device. MTP file transfer. Access and manage data on your photo or video camera. Mount it as a drive on your Mac when connecting with a USB cable. You can browse your photos and videos conveniently on your Mac's screen without copying or transferring all of them back and forth. Android file transfer. Listen to your Android device music, watch movies, and check photos on Mac without actually copying anything to Mac. If needed you can copy any files from your Mac to Android device and vice versa. Just connect your device to Mac and it will be available as a mounted drive in Commander One. Archiver for Mac Commander One is a fast and simple Mac archiver, supporting multiple types of files. We are working on adding the possibility to compress to RAR at this time.


    Don't forget to enable search through compressed archives in your copy of Commander One! They are orderly displayed on screen and you can get full information about each of them. Quit any process or all of them in one click in Commander One. Themes We have created various color themes to personalize your Commander One and you can tune your very own for unique appearance.

    Show 27 more options. What others say about Commander One. Requires What's new Mac App Store version 0. Want to mount a cloud storage as a local drive on Mac?