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Add comment. Audio and sound file type. The waptt file extension seems to be mainly related to WhatsApp , a proprietary, cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging client for smartphones now owned and developed by Facebook. The waptt suffix is appended to the actual file extension that determines the audio format of the file. Sometimes, two files represent the same recording, each time in a different format. The second file type is usually saved in opus format , which is a highly compressed, lossy format designed for speech. Note: It appears that in most cases the PPT folder subfolder of WhatsApp is not visible through standard file explorer and can only be seen with more specialized file manager or forensic tools.

WhatsApp for iPhone. WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger currently available for iPhone and all other smartphones. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly get messages from friends, colleagues and family. WhatsApp for Android. Instant messenger available for Android and other smartphones as well as for desktop platforms.

WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi when available to message with friends and family. WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Read through the specifications of your smartphone and you will know the formats that work on Galaxy S Series phones. Generally speaking, MP4 is well accepted by Samsung devices.

That's it. Alternatively, you can choose any other file format or devices you have as the output based on your specific need. Once you have done the settings you want, you can hit the "Convert" button from the bottom right to start converting. Please just wait a few minutes for it to convert to DRM free videos. Here Acrok Blu-ray ripper, an intuitive Blu-ray DVD converter, is highly recommended to help your finish your task in a few month clicks. The loaded movies will be presented on the left source pane and you can preview the videos on the right as the below picture shows.

You can set "H. Why didn't I think of that earlier? Column width should be more flexible allowing space to be wasted on screen so that you can set an arbitrary width. This would enable a gradual increase to help improve focus width. Some way to add highlights in the book so that you can jump back to where you found interesting quote. Huge selection of free books. Tons of customization options. Endless reading. Easy to use and I find myself reading all the time at doctors visits or anytime I am waiting for an appointment.

Not only do I now read faster, I now read with more comprehension. I just wish it had Readability integration both for your reading list and for putting in a URL and getting plain text. Buy it!!! Love and use this app all the time especially for the loads of books available. Speed reading part is very cool and helps to improve your speed at reading. This app is awesome! I only have two suggestions: it would be so much better if the e-books available had summaries so that u can read the blurb n decide which book u want to read. It would also be nice if u had instructions on how to get the best result from this program on the app.

Leider funktionieren keine PDFs, nur. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden. This app does what it claims. I found the ui easy to use and it works. Now if I were only disciplined enough to keep using it! Probably one of the best, if not the best reader one the market right now.

My reading time improved very quickly. It would be nice to have a guide to how to drill yourself for best progress. I'm completely happy with this purchase. The recent upgrade make me confident that the rest of the missing features will be added in due time. Using this together with other reading enhancement apps and it is the perfect complement. If it would add a "power reading" one line only version with constant refresh it would be perfect.

Aprire file 3ga su mac

The app is great, sometimes when converting books to ePub, the formatting gets weird and hard to read. Idk if they have straight reading from PDF yet, but overall, this is the most used app on my iPad. On top of that, I read so much faster. Plus most ebooks r free. I finally gave up on Bookshelf after recent updates trashed it. This app works flawlessly with every book I've tried so far, and the Feedbooks downloads were fast and easy. The flaw I encountered was a total inability to log onto Baen books and download stuff I've paid for.

Aside from that one problem, the app is slick, and very well executed, and the speed reading concept works surprisingly well. Highly recommended! Brakuje tylko funkcji czytania formatu PDF. It gives you so many options of books to read, and even let's you change settings like background, font size, and font color. I suggest getting it, especially if you have an iPad. Very good app. You can set the font in size and style to suit your preferences. Missing is a search function. You have to scroll through the whole list to get to the author or title. Also you should be able to edit the author's name because many a time the names are spelled two or more different ways.

Keep up the good work. Love this app! But I can't figure out how to transfer books from iBooks through the iTunes file share. I thought the recent updates allowed this. Is there a way to get support to help explain? I would use this app more if it could access content stored in iBooks. I stick with iBooks for the iPhone to iPad syncing. This app is close to perfect. It needs a dictionary, bookmarking, highlighting, and copy functionality.

The speed reading capability is excellent. Love this app. It's fantastic for reading all the classics I've been trying to find time for. I do wish it was easier to read articles online, though. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be to some how read my iPad kindle books with it.

Really a great app. Only thing better would be to get more books, compatibility with kindle or nook accounts. You guys are really listening. Thank you so much for the update. Also ability to add our own books is really helpful. If you want to improve one's reading ability or just like to read this is the APP for you. Helps me focus in reading that's never been possible before.

Would have given it 5 stars but the program lacks the following basic functions Highlighting text Dictionary access Please put these features in updates.


But bravo for what you've accomplished so far. Helemaal super. En in combinatie met calibre ebooks is het er op zetten van de ebooks ook een eitje. I really like the way in which the application allows me to configure the settings for my own requirements. The ability to change font sizes, margins, of highlighted words, highlighting style, and speed are great. For my purposes, plenty of books are available that interest me.

I do wish the instructions provided better guidance on how to maximize the benefits in the shortest time. I have some mild, funky eye muscle dysfunction that makes reading conventional text formats really taxing. My eyes jump around the text, dont focus easily. To try to build strength and good habits, I've been using quick reader every day to read an article or two that I've saved to instapaper. It is SO much easier for me to focus my eyes and track text using Quickreader, I wish I could use it on every web page and ebook. The instapaper integration especially is excellent. It's a good alternative to iBooks, and love the speed reader functions.

The time to completion is nice too. Used everyday to read essential on Internet and often to read books. Flexible settings and remembering last page read is great, but being able to stop reading and back up is super too. An essential to my reading. I use this app almost exclusively with the pasteboard to copy text in from other programs. I thought my reading speed was established and could not really be changed.

I tried to improve it last summer using "triple your reading speed". This did not stick because it, initially at least, focused more on just seeing more of the page. The book would present a bunch of letters and you were supposed to try to see and identify as many of them as possible without moving your eyes. This method probably works. But you'd have to be pretty committed to practice on something so abstract.


Quickreader, on the other hand, actually lets you read books. It comes preloaded with a nice collection of classics and some stuff I was surprised to see, like some Kurt Vonnagut and the Bhagavad Gita. There's 3 volumes of Pablo coehlo.

So, whatever you're into you can find something of interest, right out of the box. However, things really get interesting when you load your own books. A trio of apps makes this not just an app to teach you how to speed read, but actually encourages you to read books you wanted to read anyway, but at a much faster pace. What I have set up is calibre on my pc, so I can convert any ebooks to ePub, the format required for the reader. Then I drag and drop my epubs to Dropbox essential app for iPad and then tell Dropbox to open my epubs using quick reader.

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So here's my experience so far. When I started, I used the default speed of wpm. After 2 days I am up to , and probably could go faster, and will tomorrow. I find I am motivated to practice especially since I am reading my books of choice and not random letters ala triple your reading speed. One thing I think I should mention is how different reading faster is from my regular reading.

I thought I would have trouble with comprehension reading faster, but I have noticed that the way this app works, you really stay more engaged because the process is more active. It's also easier and more natural to stay with a book for a shorter period of time, given our species' limits to sustained attention. Easy to customize but I would like it better if I could add in my own books from iBooks.

Great app it is very thorough and complete with plenty of books available although I have one issue.. Amazing app for training, but a note-taking feature would be better for practical uses too. Lowest capacity version feels cramped given video recording capabilities and release of high-resolution apps. Data consumption due to higher-resolution screen is ill-suited to lowest-end limited data service plans. Sole U. Updated: Click here for Verizon iPhone 4 details. Thanks to Jesse Hollington for his contributions to this article.

Suspending the entire box-shaped computer above the surface of a table in a clear plastic frame, the Cube was a masterpiece of industrial design, a departure from what had come before, and ultimately, a flop. The plastic cracked during normal use, the high price tag kept it out of reach for people who wanted to own it anyway, and the company discontinued it after only a year. Like the Cube, it achieves its physical beauty by making novel use of a delicate material—this time, twin panes of glass—held together with a metal internal frame that notably includes its wireless antennas.

Under some circumstances, it also achieves noticeably better data transfer rates, as well. There are also two catches: Apple has left the user interface all but unchanged from the iPhone 3GS, which made great use of a lower-resolution display, so the screen improvements are of the subtle variety until you begin to try certain applications. Read it here.

Unlike Apple sequels that have pared off features in the name of minimalism, iPhone 4 preserves literally all the functionality of each of its predecessors, but upgrades each key feature with new powers: the iPod gains superior video quality and battery life, while the phone adds video calling capabilities and a noise-canceling microphone, and both Internet and third-party apps get faster and have higher-resolution graphics. Apple and its U. At press time, iPhone 4 is available in limited quantities in five countries, with further international rollouts and wider domestic availability expected through September, Additionally, although there are two different iPhone 4 colors, manufacturing difficulties led Apple to delay the white version until mid-July, so only the black version shown in most of our photos will be available until then.

Those items aside, however, iPhone 4 has been redesigned from top to bottom, inside and out. A small, bright LED flash sits off to its right behind the glass, as well. This mic acts as a noise-canceling partner to the bottom-mounted mic; its performance is discussed later in this review. Both iPhone 4 versions measure 2. Like iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4 comes out of the box looking equally beautiful and delicate, like something born to attract battle scars rather than to discourage them.

Moreover, glass is still glass, and initial third-party testing has shown that the iPhone 4 casing can break after a few of the accidental drops that seem to be common to cell phones. As has been the case for years, the user is expected to download the media and data management program iTunes on his or her own, and install it on a Mac or PC to transfer songs, videos, photos, and contacts between the iPhone and computer.

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Two features in the iPhone 4 are most notably improved from the iPhone 3GS, and the screen is one of them. In short, the iPhone 4 screen is capable of rendering graphics that are equivalent in sharpness to the output from some color laser printers—assuming they were printing on a 3-inch by 2-inch surface. DVD-quality videos that previously played on the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and 3GS at downscaled resolution are presented in their full glory on the iPhone 4 screen, and the device now plays HD p videos, slightly downscaled, but still with more detail than the best-looking standard-definition films.

Moreover, the screen has become data-hungrier at a time when new iPhone customers are being required to purchase limited data plans, calling into question the wisdom of relying on a cellular network to feed the phone map, video, or other visual content. Fully loading maps on iPhone 4 actually takes longer than on the iPhone 3G and 3GS because more data is being gathered to fill the high-resolution screen, even though the actual benefit to the user—imperceptibly small details in a tiny space—is modest. Loading a 9.

Cellular Calling and Data Performance. That having been said, there are ways that iPhone 4 can be held unnaturally for calling purposes that can impact its antenna performance, which as discussed subsequently can be eliminated by using a case. Most U. Upload speeds ranged from 0. Using rubber and plastic cases completely eliminated this issue in our testing. You can see a video of the reception issue in action here. Unlike all three earlier iPhones, iPhone 4 includes support for Though Apple caveats this new feature by noting that iPhone 4 only supports 2.

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Even on a mixed network, the result is a very tangible download speed improvement: Megabits per second on iPhone 4 versus Megabits per second on iPhone 3G or 3GS, with nearly identical upload speeds in the 0. Transfer Speeds and Storage Capacities. Test transfers between two iTunes 9. Slower speeds were observed when other devices were active on the USB chain, as would be expected. The same exact test from above using Wi-Fi on a mixed Apple promises 40 hours of battery life. Our test of an iPhone 4 with 3G and Wi-Fi both on ran for 7 hours and 6 minutes of continuous 3G talk time, doing nothing else in the foreground, while an iPhone 4 with Wi-Fi off ran for 7 hours and 22 minutes of continuous 3G talk time.

In our tests, FaceTime ran over Wi-Fi continuously for 3 hours and 10 minutes. Our p video recording session ran continuously for 3 hours and 3 minutes, though recording had to be restarted every 50 minutes as the camera is not designed to create video files longer than that. As a general rule, iPhone 4 will require less mid-day charging as a multipurpose device than the iPhone 3G and 3GS—a very welcome though not ideal return to the calling battery life of the original iPhone, with considerably more power under the hood in this newer model.

You choose four of your most-used apps to go into the dock, and then scroll through pages of 16 additional non-dock icons. Four of these apps are in a folder, one is on the second Home Screen page, and the last is hidden from the Home Screen by default. For now, FaceTime only works between two iPhone 4 devices, when both are connected to Wi-Fi networks, and can be activated by pressing a new FaceTime button during a voice call, or at any other time by hitting a FaceTime button at the bottom of any Contacts page. Handset Performance. The most noticeable improvements on the iPhone 4 relate to its two speakers, which have both seen dramatic volume upgrades.

During silences, the microphone sounds just a little clearer than with the iPhone 3G and 3GS, such that words are will be a little more distinct to your callers. The effect is similar to the Jawbone series of headsets, only built right into the phone. Headphone Performance. Sonic differences were very modest between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 when testing with the same pair of Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic.

Audio sounded ever so slightly clearer on the iPhone 4, but not in a meaningful way. Speakerphone Performance. Bluetooth Calling Performance. Bluetooth wireless performance with iPhone 4 is essentially unchanged from the iPhone 3GS. Calls placed over a monaural Bluetooth connection still sound a little compressed by comparison with ones taking place solely over the handset, losing access to the noise-canceling microphone in favor of whatever they have built in. FaceTime Performance. Currently, FaceTime is solely for one-on-one conversations over Wi-Fi, limitations that may change in the future, and since there are no devices other than iPhone 4 that currently support the FaceTime standard, the feature works only between two iPhone 4 handsets.

Apart from the power and Wi-Fi requirements, FaceTime works very well. If you attempt to multitask in the middle of a FaceTime call, the video pauses, but the audio continues until the Phone app is brought back to the fore—a nice touch. The heart of Camera remains its ability to capture still photographs that are instantly ready to share via e-mail, but successive gradual improvements to past iPhones have added one-tap focusing, video recording, and most recently a 5X digital zoom to certain earlier models.

On iPhone 4, there are now two cameras to choose from, each with still and video capture capabilities, and the rear camera has optional assistance from a small but bright LED flash. When the rear camera is active, a button on the top left of the screen toggles the LED flash between auto, on, and off settings, while a top right button switches between the cameras. The shot above shows a picture taken in a hallway that was pitch black, other than illumination from the iPhone 4 LED.

Autofocus was dicey under low-light conditions like this, but otherwise remarkably good. While iPhone 4 lacks for optical zoom, it has great macro and depth of field capabilities, enabling deliberate blurring and sharpening effects that are more impressive than on iPhone 3GS or most point-and-shoot cameras. Moreover, the images are instantly GPS tagged, then preserved at full size or resized at your choice of three smaller sizes for immediate e-mailing, features that very few cameras offer today. Consequently, iPhone 4 can serve as a truly viable substitute for a low-end still digital camera, handily surpassing its capabilities while on the road or in the dark.

Video from the rear camera is a somewhat different story, though not a bad one. As a result of the cropping, and despite a change in aspect ratio that might normally make videos look wider than photos, videos shot through the rear camera actually have a much narrower width than still photos, appearing more like closeups than wide shots.

Because of its ability to shift focus, iPhone 4 is more versatile than low-end video recording rivals, but videos may accidentally wind up looking a little softer if the tap-to-focus feature is used incorrectly. A sample video we filmed shows the camera hunting for the proper balance of sky and foreground colors, and other videos showed a decidedly brighter, arguably overexposed tendency, improving the color balance only when the tap-to-focus feature was used.

But the fact that a very popular phone is capable of rivaling a physically larger, single-feature device should be a point of serious concern for Flip and similar budget camera developers. Expect second clips to consume around 41 Megabytes at full resolution, or roughly 82MB per minute. A second video clip thereby shrinks to 3 Megabytes, or 6 Megabytes per minute.

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The front camera has poor low-light capabilities, impacting both recording and FaceTime video calling features in dark rooms; stick with the rear camera for proper low-light results. As with iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 version of Photos contains a Camera Roll that holds both pictures and videos taken by the built-in cameras. It features the same photo transitions found on iPhone 3GS. As a music player, iPhone 4 is virtually the same as the very good- to excellent-sounding iPhone 3GS: for instance, headphone port audio between the devices is not identical, but might as well be.

As a video player, iPhone 4 is largely excellent, and more capable than iPhone 3GS in several ways. We note the basic features of these well-established apps, as well as iPhone 4 changes, below. Safari benefits from higher-resolution text and graphic capabilities than the version found on prior iPhones, though large scaled-out web pages remain nearly as difficult to read with the additional microscopic pixels as they were without them.

Maps and GPS. Individual locations can be looked up, and turn-by-turn directions calculated in text form, with the barest assistance from a blue pulsing GPS dot and an integrated compass. Skip to content I would suggest an easy way to load books from my iBooks library as a future improvement. Top 3 on the favorites list.