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Before installing OS update, I removed battle. This basically reinstalled the client and ended up with the same exact behaviour. Lol it actually started to work.

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Why would this issue be affecting such a limited audience? Is it Bitdefender trying to stop malicious application s during this update or is it Bitdefender and Adaware itself that is a problem during the update procedure? Might be some combination of issues in play, or lots of people not reporting the problem. Can't update or download WoW Support. Technical Support. Daynar-defias-brotherhood Running launcher as admin. Disabling my AV, and excluding my battle. Reinstalling the launcher. I'm also having this issue.

Done the same as everyone so far including reinstalling the bnet app.

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Leaning toward a fresh install of WoW at this point. Funny enough this has not happened once today further proving this is some sort of anomaly at least in my case. Mine has pretty consistently happened. In fact just had to do it again.

Uninstall World of Warcraft from Mac with Easier Helper

I am still trying some stuff on my own, if anything I ever do works, I'll be sure to post. Edit again: I just had an instance where after I deleted the blizz ent. This fix just worked for me: Close Battle Net App first!!!

Mac - How to Install WoW Addons

This was the step I kept missing 2. Delete or rename the following folders.

Cache, Interface, and WTF. They are normally located in the WoW subdirectory in the Program Files x86 directory on your C drive.

Relaunch your Battle Net App 4. Game will once again patch but it should be for the final time. Happy Gaming and Good Luck.

How Can You Completely Uninstall World of Warcraft (WOW) from Mac?

Jul 8. I have this happen often when I am on the Beta after a patch. It will start doing the whole download thing, get to a point and the Play button will be replaced by an Update button. I know at that points its useless to click it because it will just error out. What I do that so far fixes it is to exit out of the launcher, turn off my McAfee Firewall, then restart the computer.

As I say, to date that has allowed the download to install properly. Then naturally I turn the Firewall back on. I don't know why it reacts this way but obviously something in the McAfree security set up doesnt like some aspects of the WoW's update function. I'm having the same issues, as well.

Instructions for Downloading World of Warcraft

I'll try the cache, wtf and interface folders idea. Browse Search. Ask a question.

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User profile for user: Here's what we've done: We verified disk, verified permissions and repaired permissions. It failed My system logs do not show the installer application opening and requesting permission to install. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Drew Reece Drew Reece. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Have they tested it?

I assume you have tried Blizzards forums to see if other users are having issues? Get info on the installers to see what type they are. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.