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Texto de tabla de contenidos. Conservar estilos y formato de texto y tabla. Esta casilla es la clave de todo el proceso. Conflictos de nombre de estilo. Redefinir estilo de InDesign. Eso es todo por ahora.

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Por penHolder el 29 de Marzo de Por Freddie el 29 de Marzo de Por Oskar Rb el 30 de Marzo de Tu nombre:. To diminish: when diminishing the window this one disappears of our Vista in the screen of the computer, being reduced to an icon in the bar of beginning of Windows. To close: in order to close a document we can choose to press the cross that appears straight in the superior end of the title bar. The commandos organize themselves in logical groups that they meet in cards. Each card is related to a type of activity like writing or designing a page.

Rule In our visual route on the screen of the program, we see immediately underneath the bellboys, the call regulates. One is a graduated scale that allows us to govern the margins, the drains and the tabulators. The bar of inferior displacement allows to move us to visualize all the document when the width of he himself surpasses the one of the window of the program.

In this we will know in which page of the document is located the cursor, whichever words has our document, as it is the language of the active dictionary ZOOM This application is going to allow to us to approach and to move away the Vista of the document. To make brief description of the located eyelashes in the tape of options Description of the eyelashes Cinta de options The tape of options has been designed to help to find the commandos easily him necessary to complete a task.

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The commandos organize themselves in logical groups, that they meet in cards. In order to reduce the confusion, some cards only are when it is necessary 1.

Editing and formatting the document

Eyelash Design of page The menu of page design is used to make changes of styles to the pages of our document. These changes include change of margins, direction of the paper, creation of columns periodic type, to assign to color of page and edges to the page General objetiveTo create a manual in which we learn to handle the Word program, to know itand to know its parts. Specific objetives- To know the functions the tape of options.

Descriptive procedures Graphical Tools : a.

In order to enter Word we will follow the following steps: 1. Being in our writing-desk we give to Click on the button Beginning him of the bar of tasks of Windows. The menubeginning is anelement of theuser interface inthe line of productsMicrosoftWindows, thatworks like centralpoint for thelaunching ofapplications and,additionally, toplace direct accessof frequent usethere. When we give him click to the button beginning unfolds a menu in which we will give to the option all the programs him. In this option we will find many applications like Microsoft office that in this case is the one that we needed After having dice to him click in all the programs it will appear another menu where we will locate Microsoft office and in this a submenu unfolds we will find the application Microsoft Word Microsoft Office is a package of programs for office developed for the systems Microsoft Windows MICROSOFT WORD Microsoft Word is a software destined to the word processing and to this we will give a click him to begin to work.

For example: We will give click him to the application and followed this it will appear to us the window of Word. When being in thewriting-desk we willgive click him atbeginning and themenu will be openedin which we will find toWord in the superiorpart of like fasteraccess In order to keep a file that tangamos open what we plow is to go to the bar of tools of fast access and we will give click him to the option to keep. We will give clickhim in this tool tokeep our file ordocument. Example: This button located in the bar of title of the window of the application, gives access us to a menu which we will find the option to keep like2.

To keep like: it keeps a document on which there are been working. If the document is of new creation it will ask the program to us as it is going to be its name and its location. And we will see the window keep like.

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In order to insert style of wortart we will go to the tape of tools and we will give him in the eyelash to insert. We will give Click him in inserting2. When selecting the eyelash to insert appears several types of boxes of which we will go to the text box and will select to the tool wordart. Click in the tool wordart.. Tex box When giving him click to the tool wordart appears to us a menu with different type from styles for our sources in which we will choose the one that more we like or the one that we need.

Wordart styles. When choosing our style of wordart our program shows a window to us where we can write the text which we also want we can change type of fuete, size, negrita and cursiva. With this With thiswe can we can putchange to him sothe large,source negrillastyle and cursiva to our text. Here we will have to write text. In this part we will give click him to finalize and our text already to be ready The button of Microsoft Office replaces the menu File and is located in the left superior corner of these programs of Microsoft Office.

When doing click in the button of Microsoft Office, we will see the same basic applications available in previous versions of Microsoft Office to open, to keep and to print the file. We will go to the button of office and we will give click to see its content him, which this offers to us and what we can do with himl.

Here we can create a newDocumentIn this option we can open aDocument that already we have keptThis option is for keeping theChanges that we do toHim to our document. This it kept the documentt to us in which we are working. With this we can issue theOrder to him to print our document.

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It prepares our document andLast ones I am called on to himto complete it. It helps us share ourDocument to more people. This it is for closing our fileAnd to take step one new one Barra de Formato contains bellboys and lists that unfold for all the things thatpeople more often change on the aspect of her text, like the color, size andsource. Then we go to the appointment of tools and give to click in the eyelash beginning and will see the tools that helped to give format us to our text.

FountainIt unfolds one list with all the sources that are installed intheir computer. The top of the list the sources used morerecently are seen. Size of the SourceIt shows a list of sizes of the sources from 8 to 72 points.

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In order to changethe size of the source of the text it selects to he himself and it writes or itselects the wished size. If first it changes the size of the source and later it writes, will beonly affected the new text. Bold, Italic, UnderlineEstablish styles of sources. These bellboys exchange their styles with himself or no. It can getto have all in S. In order to apply a source style, it selects the text and it clicks in the button for the style that itwants.

The button is pressed. In order to remove the style, it selects the text and it clicks inthe pressed button. The style is removed and the button returns to its starting point.. AlignedFit the way in which their paragraphs will be aligned in the page, this is the form in which theywill be justified. Their options are: Flush left, Flush right and To justify. The lines in eachbutton show as it is the effect of he himself. In order To justify, the spaced one between thewords will have to change, to obtain both even margins, left and the right.

This can be littleattractive unless it has long paragraphs. From thenthey will be applied with the style used more recently. Several formats are available standardfrom the box of dialogue, or can create one of same you. InterlineThe arrow in the right of the button opens a list of elections ofespaciamiento of line. It serves to give space between each line. These bellboys include theshutdowns of the tabulator by defect for as well as that you create. Puede que sea algo tosca, pero personalmente me encanta, creo que precisamente por eso.

Gracias a todos. Pues la he descargado, la he utilizado y le da una prestancia al documento que es una delicia. Me resulta muy bonita y con mucha personalidad.

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